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Nakama Ratings: An One Piece Rating Community!

Nakama Ratings
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Hello, and welcome to the prostegious nakama_ratings! Founded in 1492 by demons, This community is an extension of the original nakama_ratings on GreatestJournal, altered slightly for your One Piece needs! After joining the community, you will take a small survey, and the other members will vote on you and determine which One Piece character you most cloesly resemble! However, this community offers more than just your needs for rating. You can also post fan works here!

So what is nakama_ratings exactly? It's a rating community for the Japanese animation One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda. In this community, after being stamped as one of the characters (Luffy, Nami, Chopper, etc.), you will be put into a category with other people voted as the same character, or as a character with the same position (ex. Zoro and Kuina would both be considered swordsmen, Smoker and Jango are both marines, etc.). You can post some of your fanwork to gain points for each category. Points work thusly:

-Bases (5 pts.)
-Icons (10 pts.)
-Colorbars (10 pts.)
-Promotion Banners (15 pts.)
-Friends Only/Other Banners (20 pts.)
-Drabbles (30 pts.)
-Fan-Fiction (40 pts.)
-Cosplay (15-50 pts.)
-Fanart (15-30 pts.)
-Music Videos (50 pts.)
-Layouts (50 pts.)
-Mood Themes (50 pts.)
-Other (varies)

At the end of a two month period, the votes will be tallied and the group with the highest points will be awarded a special banner, the “Cooler than You” award. This promotes everyone to keep active, and is fun also! Who doesn’t want to show off the fact they’re better than you?

1. You must join the community before you post your survey.
2. No elitists. Whether you’ve been a fan for a week or a year, everyone is welcome here!
3. No character bashing. Just because you don’t like a certain character doesn’t mean no one else does. Similarly, if you very strongly dislike the character you get rated as, too fucking bad you can re-post your application after five other members have joined.
4. You must have at least seven votes on you to be stamped. This number will probably go up once we get more members, but for now, that’s all you need!
5. Please give more than monosyllabic answers on your survey. While not every question requires an assingly long response, your fellow members appreciate a little depth, as it makes voting on you much easier.
6. Do not spam the community with requests for more votes or asking for stamps. Please wait at least one week until nothing is going on with your journal, and then contact one of the mods via e-mail or AIM.
7. In the subject line of your application, please put “My beautiful yet masculine face” to show the mods that you’ve read the rules.
9. Please keep arguments and multiple comments to your private journal. We’re all nakama here, you don’t need to post a “thank you” to everyone who votes, as it only spams your application.
9. Please bold your votes, as it makes tallying them up far easier.
10. Swearing and cursing is entirely acceptable, but we ask that we do keep it to a minimum, as some of our members may be younger, or not wanting to see that sort of talk.
11. Likewise, slash, yaoi, and yuri are also acceptable, as long as you keep everything behind a cut. This is both because people may be accessing the community at school or work, but also because it spams people's friends pages.
12. Don't be afraid to say a little about yourself! While we don't ask a paragraph an answear, we would appreciate a sentance or two explaining your choice.
13. If you are dissatisfied with your character, or wish to re-apply just for the fun of it, you must wait for at least ten other members to join the community before you can re-post.
14. When posting an icon, banner, colorbar, etc., please include who you have been stamped as. This makes things far more convenient for the moderators.
15. There's pre-existing coding in the application for a reason. You don't have to do anything. In case you're too stupid to leave coding as it is, please enjoy this tutorial on not being a dumbfuck.

All you have to do is copy and paste what's in the box below.

Okay, so, as mentioned, once stamped, you will get sorted into groups, depending on the occupation of who you're stamped as! Check the link below to see how well your team is doing, and try to help keep them going!

The Stamped List lives here.
The Point Tally lives here.


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